What pornstars can teach you?

Everybody loves sex, right? And you want to be good at it, right?

To get better, it makes sense to look at the “training materials” that would openly show you the best moves you tackle the “enemy”.

And porn is the most open resource you’ll find online. So, don’t feel weird, nobody asks you to fap along to it. Just observe, make notes and illustrations and learn the trade!

Train yourself with porn

First, look at the pornstars and how they to the actions that males take in those videos.

Second, look for some interesting videos about kinks. Present yourself as a man who’s worldly and knows some weird stuff.

Third, make sure that you understand how those popular pornstars get off. Is it squirting, is it anal, is it DP? What’s the best thing that works for them.

Surely, you aren’t going to ask these questions from your PE teacher. So, watching porno videos can help you a lot in this regard. You don’t have to masturbate, and actually in to focus on the things being done to women in those videos, it makes sense to keep your hands free of action.